"Helping You Hear for Over 30 Years"

Mission Statement

Our HearWell mission is to keep you connected to your family, friends and activities with healthy hearing. Through comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, education, and cutting edge technology, our expert staff of caring professionals will partner with you on your journey to better hearing.

Oticon Opn™ Hearing Aids

HearWell Audiology is pleased to introduce Oticon’s new OPN hearing aids! Many of today’s hearing aids use narrow directionality to help block out external sounds around the wearer. This leads to an under-stimulation of the brain and ultimately to less enjoyable and effective social interactions.

Your Hearing Health

As your partners in hearing health, we advocate for healthy brains. A healthy brain means healthy hearing! That’s one reason we strive to understand the whole person and their lifestyle. Our community outreach and events are great opportunities to learn more about how hearing occurs in the brain, not the ears, and what you can do to improve your hearing health.