Your Hearing Health

Your Hearing Health

As your partners in hearing health, we advocate for healthy brains. A healthy brain means healthy hearing! That’s one reason we strive to understand the whole person and their lifestyle. Our community outreach and events are great opportunities to learn more about how hearing occurs in the brain, not the ears, and what you can do to improve your hearing health.

Have you ever thought about the way we hear? Hearing is closely associated with the ears, but is that where hearing actually takes place? Although our ears are an integral part of hearing, the actual hearing process takes place between the ears in the brain. The ears bring sound information from the outside world and transmit it to the hearing part of the brain – it is in this part of the brain where sound becomes more than just tiny vibrations, it becomes information and takes on meaning.

Our ears consist of a complicated system and sometimes that system suffers from damage; when harm is done to any part of the ear the brain must work harder to compensate for the sounds the ears are no longer able to translate. The brain must work to fill in the gaps. Sometimes this extra effort the brain makes can be aggravating because it may take more time and more energy to hear. Due to the fact that the brain must work harder there may be feelings of frustration, fatigue or a sense of weariness. But fear not, there is hope.


Just as the parts of the ear work together in a system, so do the ears work in conjunction with the brain. The ears and brain identify, adjust, and separate sounds that come from the world around you. The brain is constantly and consistently carrying out all these functions with the help of the two ears, which can orient by figuring out which direction sound is coming from. When you are having a conversation it is your brain that helps you focus and separate noise that is irrelevant or unwanted. The technology that has been developed in hearing devices can help by maintaining the important details of speech, working as a filler to preserve the system of hearing, reducing the effort it takes to listen, and taking your personal preferences into account for day-to-day activities.


BrainHearing™ technology is special because it focuses on hearing solutions for the brain. It provides a way for the sound you hear to be preserved so that it is as detailed and as natural as if you were hearing without technology. This way, the brain receives the sound information with the quality required to make sense of sound. The sound information is the vital piece of the puzzle missing that your brain needs in order to hear.


If you think your ears may be damaged the worst thing to do is ignore the problem, we are here to help you get your hearing back! Call any of our four locations today to schedule a free hearing screening. Remember, there is hope! If your ears need a little bit of help transmitting sounds to the brain, BrainHearing™ technology may be your solution!