Why Fear Is the Real Hearing Loss Issue



When we talk about hearing loss what are we actually talking about? A quick “hearing loss” Google search will tell you the signs and symptoms of hearing loss. The information provided about it is most likely going to be about tinnitus, types of hearing loss, and even causes of hearing damage. What does this tell us about the conversation surrounding hearing loss problems? It tells us we are talking about the wrong issues.


While it is important to identify diminishing hearing and to understand how hearing damage occurs, it is equally if not more important to talk about the fear behind the loss of an important sense. With our ears we can hear the sweet sounds of melodies over the radio, we can catch the “I love you” from the one who matters most, we can listen to the blissful sound of genuine laughter or the gentle chatter of pleasant conversation after a delicious meal.


Hearing is more than the process of the vibrations of noise in this world making the journey to our brains so we can hear. Drinking in conversation is about more than all the tools we have that come together that translate voices into an elaborate set of processes that eventually create electrical currents that our brains can understand. Hearing and more importantly hearing loss is about the fear of missing out or the fear of the unknown.


Science has proven that if we lose our hearing there are many things we can do to improve our hearing health, but the majority of people chose to do nothing because of fear. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) around 36 million Americans experience some type of hearing loss — 1 out of 3 individuals 65 to 74 have hearing loss and almost half of those 75 and up have some type of hearing loss. Alarmingly, only approximately 20% of those individuals seek treatment.


We can spout facts and figures all day about the sheer multitude of people who have hearing issues. We can discuss the benefits of hearing technologies from depression prevention, to healthier brain function to simply being able to hear what your family has been saying at dinner, but the truth is the real hearing loss issue is fear.


Hearing loss is tricky because it slowly steals the joy from day-to-day life and it can be difficult to identify in oneself. However, if you think you may be experiencing hearing loss symptoms the greatest thing that can hold you back is fear. We have the internet at our fingertips now and hearing damage has become easier to identify, if you have done any research it is apparent that the best way to remove the what ifs is to come in and find out your hearing health status.


The technical side of diminishing hearing is vital, but what really counts is the fear of hearing loss. We are here to say do not be afraid! At HearWell Audiology we are here to ease your mind, to help you on your hearing loss journey, and to guide you to a better life. Call us today to schedule your free hearing evaluation test and conquer your fears that have been holding you back!