Additional Products

Are you in Sonoma, San Jose, or Los Gatos and in need of an audiologist who offers more than hearing evaluations and hearing aids?


At HearWell Audiology, we understand that hearing aids may not be the answer for everyone, so we offer additional products to help with a variety of listening situations. Whether you need to protect your hearing or simply want to be able to hear the television more clearly, we’re prepared to help you hear well.


Our additional products include:


  • Musician’s earplugs
  • In-ear monitors
  • Electronic hearing protection for firearm users
  • Swimming plugs
  • Teleloop amplifier for TV, stereo, MP3 player and other sound sources
  • Alarm clocks, including “Shake Awake” and “Sonic Boom."


For more information on our additional products, or to schedule an appointment, contact us in San JoseSonoma, or Los Gatos. We look forward to serving all of your hearing needs!

hearing protectionFirearm hearing protection

Shake awakeShake awake alarm

Musician plugs

Musician's plugs

In-ear monitors
In-ear monitors

Custom swim plugsCustom swim plugs

Teleloop amplifierTeleloop amplifier