Hearing Aids & Cell Phones

Hearing Aids & Cell Phones

In the past, hearing aids have made cell phone conversations challenging, if not impossible.


Are you in Los Gatos, Sonoma or San José, California and looking to enhance the quality of your cell phone and hearing aid communication?


Recent breakthroughs in the cell phone and hearing aid industries have resulted in vast improvements in technology. The FCC has implemented new rules governing hearing aid compatibility (HAC) for digital cell phones, so that everyone can benefit from these technological advancements.


Apple, in collaboration with hearing aid manufacturers, ReSound, Starkey and Oticon are leading the way with MFi (made for iPhone) programs providing seamless connectivity between your hearing aid and Apple device.


Some of the other benefits include:


  • The ability to control your hearing aid from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, allowing for simple, discreet, hands-free operation (without the use of an intermediary device, required in the past).
  • Reduction in background noise so that you can hear the sounds you want to hear.
  • Smaller, quieter and highly personalizable.
  • Clearer, crisper, adjustable sound (voice, music and movies) all at your fingertips.


Because hearing aids are medical devices, you won’t find them in Apple or cell phone stores. You need a hearing evaluation and prescription from an audiologist, who can help find the right hearing aid for your needs and offer guidance in choosing a HAC cell phone.


We also encourage you to test the compatibility between your hearing aids and the cell phone before purchase or within the trial period.


At HearWell, our passion is to help you hear well in every setting and situation. We’ve been providing hearing solutions to residents in the Los Gatos, Sonoma and San José communities in California for almost 30 years.