Signs of Hearing Loss

Signs of Hearing Loss


Assessing Your Risk

There are many factors that can contribute to hearing loss. These factors can be divided into three categories: social, emotional, and medical.


Social signs of hearing loss include:

  • Requiring frequent repetition in conversation
  • Increased difficulty following conversations
  • Thinking that others mumble all of the time
  • Answering inappropriately in conversation
  • Watching TV or listening to the radio at uncomfortably high volumes
  • Avoiding noisy situations

Emotional signs of hearing loss include:

  • Being easily stressed or annoyed by conversation
  • Avoiding meeting new people
  • Appearing nervous about trying to hear or understand speech
  • Withdrawing from social situations the individual once enjoyed

Medical signs of hearing loss include:

  • Having a family history of hearing loss
  • Taking medications containing otatoxic chemicals
  • Being diabetic
  • Having heart, circulation or thyroid problems