Patient Service Representative / Serving San Jose


Lori has been working in the medical field for over 25 years with a specialty in geriatrics, pain management, and children with special needs. She came to work with HearWell Audiology in March of 2012. Lori is a warm and friendly person and whether she is calling to schedule your appointment or helping to clean your hearing device, you will be warmed by her steady focus as she takes her time in taking care of you. She is very thorough by nature and will make sure you experience a warm enjoyable atmosphere while at Hall Hearing Aid Center.


She will schedule your free cleaning and check up appointments as part of the free lifetime service program, and make sure you stay satisfied with your hearing in the years to come. She delivers quality and detailed cleaning of your hearing devices to ensure they are in tip top shape for you to enjoy. Lori makes every effort to speak in a slow, steady tone so that you are able to understand her messages. Lori will call to verify your insurance and help to bill the insurance for you. She is George’s right hand and takes pride in everything she does. She wants to see our patients leaving with a smile and being able to hear and engage in life. For Lori, that’s priceless!


When she is not in the office helping others, she enjoys painting, reading, boogie boarding and 4-wheeling in her Jeep.


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