Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Our Commitment to You

We strive to provide the best treatment for your hearing loss. That means our services don’t end once you’ve purchased a hearing device. We stay with you to see how you’re adapting to the technology and if it’s working for you. Our commitment to you is in our name. We want you to HearWell.


Our Services

We offer complete diagnostic screening of your hearing. Coupled with information about your medical background and family history, the results of your hearing evaluation are used to determine the type and severity of your hearing loss. Once we understand your current status, we can present hearing solutions using advanced technology.


Our Audiologists

When it comes to your hearing loss, you have several treatment options to choose from. Ear, Nose and Throat practices can treat hearing loss, but their focus is divided between the other medical areas they cover. Hearing aid dispensers are licensed to fit and sell hearing aids, but their knowledge is limited to the application of that technology.

Audiologists, on the other hand, have a comprehensive understanding of the hearing process and are specially trained to fit and prescribe hearing aids. Audiologists are also focused completely on hearing; you have their full attention and receive sound recommendations.

At HearWell Audiology, you’ll be cared for by our experienced audiologists and trained staff. With thorough hearing evaluations and advanced solutions, we’re uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat your hearing loss. We provide the latest in digital hearing aid technology and even offer free product demonstrations.

For comprehensive hearing health care, visit us in Los Gatos, Sonoma and San Jose. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.