Free Hearing Screenings

Have you heard?


HearWell Audiology, with locations in Los Gatos, San Jose, and Sonoma, is offering free hearing screenings for adults.


Just like dental cleanings and vision checks, adults needregular hearing exams. Unfortunately, studies show that the hearing portion of annual physicals is often omitted. And because primary care physicians are not audiologists, even when the hearing portion is performed, symptoms can be missed.


Mission 1000


Hearing loss among all age groups is on the rise. In many cases, the onset is so gradual; you may not even realize what you’re missing. At HearWell Audiology, we want you to experience all the joys in life: laughter, music, waves crashing on the shore, the whisper of wind in the trees.


We’ve launched the Mission 1000 Campaign, in which we’ll be offering free hearing screenings through the remainder of the year.


Fast, fun and free!


Hearing screenings are quick, painless and effective. They are used to determine whether more in-depth evaluations are required. We start by asking for your medical and hearing history, follow with an otoscopy (a visual inspection of your ear), and will finish with conventional audiometry.


If you “pass” your hearing screening, we recommend that you follow-up annually or if you should experience any symptoms of hearing loss.


If you should “fail” we’ll perform extensive hearing tests and discuss treatment solutions to fit your unique needs.
At HearWell Audiology, our goal is to provide you with compassionate hearing healthcare. And our Mission 1000 Campaign is designed to offer a fast, fun and free proactive approach to preventing hearing loss from denying you the opportunity to hear well and enjoy life to its fullest.


Schedule your free hearing screening at any one of our three California locations, in Los Gatos, San Jose and Sonoma.